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All Repairs Due To The Negligence, Improper Use Or Damage Caused By The Tenants, Extending To Their Guests & Other Occupants, Is The Responsibility Of The Tenant To Resolve. For Example:

Blocked Showers Will Be Blocked With Hair, Razor Covers, Shampoo Bottle Lids etc
Leaking Showers Will Be Due To Build Up Of Limescale On The Silicone Seals
Blocked Sink Will Be Blocked With Food Items, Protein Powders etc.
Blocked Toilet Will Be Blocked By Excessive Paper Usage, Makeup Wipes, Feminine Products etc. 
Lighting Will Be Off Due To A Lightbulb Needing Replacing Or The Fuse Box Tripping
Rats Can Be Due To Unclean & Untidy Properties, With Untimely Removal Of Waste 

Repairs That Fall Under The Landlords Responsibility Will Be Made Within A Reasonable Period Of Time, However, If The Repair Is Deemed The Responsibility Of The Tenants, The Call Out Charge, Repair & Administration Will Be Charged

UNPAID RENT? The Licensee Will Be Charged 3% Above The Bank Of England's Base Rate For Each Day The Payment Remains Outstanding After 14 Days.

MOVING IN TOGETHER? You Must Declare Who Lives In Your Property To Your Landlord & Local Council. When You First Move In, You Have Opportunity To List All Other Occupants Other Than Yourself In The Property. If You Move Someone After This, We Must Amend Your Agreement At The Charge Of £80. You Will Be Evicted If You Do Not Declare Other Occupants.

GIVING NOTICE? You Must Provide One Months Clear Notice To Vacate On The Day You Are Due To Pay Rent - There Are No Exceptions. Deductions From Your Advance Will Be Made For Any Repairs, Including But Not Limited To Walls, Repainting, Damage To Any Items Within, Fumigating Smells Of Food & Smoke, Lock Changes, Any Electrical & Plumbing Damage Due To Incorrect Use / Negligence. If You Fail To Give Correct Notice To Vacate, You Will Be Charged Monthly Rent Until The Property Is Relet. 

ACCESS? If We Require Access To Your Property, We Will Inform You With A 24 Hour Notice To Gain Access. 

LOST YOUR KEYS? Tenants Are Required To Use A Locksmith Service If They Are Locked Out, And Supply Two Copies Of The New Key To Riverside Estate Within 24 Hour Period. Damage Or Loss Of Gate & Door Fobs Will Cost £50. 

INTERNET GONE DOWN? Please Be Patient As We Contact The Service Provided - BT Fibre Broadband. Any Issues With The BT HUB / AP Connection Units Can Only Be Rectified By A BT Engineer. Please Note, We Provide Internet For Average Usage - If You Require High Speed Access For Gaming / Downloading, We Do Not Provide This & Ask You To Get Your Own Access, As You Slow Your Neighbours Connection.

NOISEY NEIGHBOURS? Please Inform Us Immediately Regarding Any Anti-Social Behaviour. The Complaint Will Be Dealt With Anonymously, And We Will Evict Tenants If They Continue To Cause A Disruption.

CLEANING SERVICE? Please Contact Us If You Like Us To Provide A Discounted Cleaning Service. The Cost Per Clean Is £15.


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