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Precedent influence only

Where practicable and feasible, Riverside Developments will make every effort to accommodate suggestions from stakeholders that improve the proposals. As such a six-week consultation exercise is being undertaken by NUKO Planning Ltd, starting Friday 22nd January 2021, who welcome comments and feedback on the current proposals. The informal consultation will close on Friday 5th March 2021. 


Here are some ’starters for 10’ to help you collate your comments: You do not need to follow this format if you do not want to.


- What do you think about the provision of new, high-quality homes at this riverside location?

- Do you support the removal of the existing industrial buildings on site?

- What kind of housing do you think is most suitable for the site?

- Should the site accommodate affordable homes in the form of ’shared ownership’ homes?

- What do you think about the proposal to include a community ‘riverside park’ that is open to the public?

- Is the proposed provision of on-site artists workshops and other commercial uses a good idea? 

- Do you support the provision of an on-site community cafe, and / or improving access to water-sports activities?

- What do you think about the proposed improvements to the quality and condition of the Sankey Canal as part of any development?

- Would you like to see the scheme include anything else?  For example, children’s play facilities, more or less car parking, etc.

Please submit your comments to the NUKO Planning Team by completing the form below: The deadline for feedback is Friday 5th March 2021. If you require any clarification on the plans or proposals please contact

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