Riverside Developments (NW) Ltd. presents a proposed development for

New high quality one-, two- and three-bedroom homes overlooking the River Mersey.

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Precedent influence only

Arranged around a central riverside park, the 'Boundary View' development proposes to radically transform this former industrial landscape into a high-quality, community-focused riverside housing development.  

The proposals are still in the pre-planning stages, and the information below is indicative and based on initial design ideas only.

Station Road is proposed to undergo significant improvements, including the installation of lighting and a separated pedestrian footpath.

On-site affordable housing is being proposed in the form of shared-ownership accommodation (quantum to be confirmed later in the planning process).


The like-for-like re-provision of on-site artisan workshop and other commercial floorspace, as well as a community cafe, will create an exciting and dynamic live-work community.  


Improved access to the waterfront will allow residents and visitors alike to enjoy views of the river Mersey at Fiddler’s Ferry, and across the historic County boundary of Cheshire and Lancashire.


A new jetty and pontoon is proposed to promote and support existing water-sport and leisure activities on the river.


Improvements to the condition and quality of the Sankey Canal are also proposed as part of the development.  


The site already accommodates 37 residential units.  The proposals seek an increase in the quantum of housing by anything up to 100%, subject to wider design and planning considerations. 


The number of homes on site has been restricted to the reflect a similar number of homes to the existing because of highways constraints along Station Road.

Meet The Team



Randle White

With over 25 years of industry experience Randle White has the resources to make the most of any design opportunity. Importantly, however, we also have the accreditation and background to provide the necessary reassurance. As a regulated member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), two internationally recognised industry bodies endorse our skills and competence. This membership not only pays testimony to our qualifications and overall credentials but it also affords our clients with key benefits, such as protection via professional indemnity insurance subject to conditions.




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