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Welcome to your home away from home


We are so pleased to have you as a guest at Church Street, a building steeped in history that you will now become apart of. We hope you feel at home and have a comfortable stay, rest assured that our staff will do their upmost to help you get settled.



This Tudor building on Church Street is one of the town’s oldest and most iconic landmarks. Dating back to the 16th century, the buildings saw Cromwells victory at the battle of Winwick Pass in 1648, and the defeat of the Royalist armies in the North of England. The ending of the second English Civil War lead to the execution of Charles I in January 1649. 

Three of our rooms, which show off the original twisted oak beams are named after the historical figure of the fighting - Cromwell, Baillie & Hamilton. The two modern rooms are named after the present Monarchy - Elizabeth & Charles. 


SECURITY The property has CCTV, but please ensure you lock the entrance doors at all times.

PARKING The carpark is currently closed.

LAUNDRY Their is a washing machine & dryer at the foot of the stairs. When vacating, please place all linen in the shower. 

WASTE Please ensure not to flush any items other than toilet paper down the toilet. Baby wipes are prohibited. There is a red bin on the carpark for all waste. 

OFFICE We are open 8:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday to assist you, or you can call 07365261464.

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